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Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Rubbing aggravates irritation and tends to make your eyes puffier. For immediate relief, do not rub your eyes when you see them puffy.

Nature’s best ingredients for removing puffy eyes are cucumber and potato. Take a small raw potato or cucumber, slice it into small pieces and blend to a fine consistency. Strain the excess juice and reserve the pulp. Make a cup of basil tea and mix it well with the pulp. Pour the mixture into ice tray and freeze it. Whenever you have puffy or red eyes, dab… Continue reading

Home Remedies For Motion Sickness

Natural Cure and Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

• Cover you nose from any kind of odor that may cause this nauseating feeling. It can be engines fume, smell of dead fish or even the odor coming from the person sitting next to you.

• Try traveling at night as you may avoid the motion of vehicles.

• Get fresh air by opening the window of your car. Get down from the bus when it stops. Reach the deck and smell the ocean or sea when you are on a… Continue reading

Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

The common cause of diaper rash is that the diaper area is usually covered 24 hours with a diaper; that is often wet and messy as urine mixes with feces. The warm moist setting is just perfect for diaper rash eruption.

Diaper rashes happen irrespective of whether your baby is wearing a disposable or cloth nappy.

Home Remedies to preventing diaper rash –

– Change diapers as soon as they get wet and messy.
– Wash and dry baby’s bottom, paying special attention to creases and skin folds at each… Continue reading

Home Remedies For Colds and Flu

Flu symptoms are easy to detect though they may appear few days later. Flu spreads at the slightest contact and before you feel the symptoms on yourself, you might have passed it to others. Symptoms include – body aches, chills, dry cough, fever, headache, sore throat and stuffy nose.

Top Natural Home Remedies For Colds and Flu

To prevent the flu bug, keep in mind the following –
-Get a flu shot / vaccine.

-If there is flu epidemic in air, avoid crowded places like cinema halls, theatres, shopping centers,… Continue reading

Home Remedies For Razor Burns

The level of discomfort can be minimized if you shave, once you are through with your bath or shower. Bathing helps to soften your skin making it much easier to shave.

Razor burn Home Remedies and Natural Care

Use shaving cream instead of soap as it may dry your skin very easily making it more prone towards razor burns.

Razor burn can be treated by patting apple cider vinegar at the affected areas.

Dissolve two uncoated aspirins in a teaspoon of warm water. Mix it into a paste and rub… Continue reading

Home Remedies For Eye Infection

Some common eye infections are

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): It is one of the common infections which causes irritation and leads to redness of the eye. It is an air-borne disease so one has to be very careful.

Stye – Medically known as hordeolum, it is a small harmless lump formed at the base of an eyelash or inside the eyelid.

Blepharitis – It is an inflammation that affects the eyelids, causes itching, burning and irritation.

Orbital Cellulitis – It is the inflammation or infection surrounding the eye. This can get… Continue reading